For When You're Lonely and Forget Who You Are

11:24 PM


This one’s for you. 
The one who spends their nights looking at the ceiling with their eyes wide open, replaying every single memory they’ve spent with the people who have come and gone. 
The one who stares at the raindrops outside their window and watches them as they fall and hit the ground, almost the same time as the tears welling up on their eyes have started to stream down their face. 
The one whose heartbeat never slows down and whose mind is at a constant state of worry, doubt and fear of what has happened and what is just about to happen. 
The one who wakes up every single day and puts the most believable and beautiful smile on their face, only wishing to go back to sleep and never wake up again. 
To the one who wishes for anything but life and who feels anything but happiness, this one’s for you.

My sweet friend, I am sorry that I do not feel your pain nor can I take it away, but do know that I will always try to understand you. I apologize if perhaps there are times when you feel as if you have nobody left to talk to or when you feel as if I’ve forgotten about you. I promise you that I never do. I am sorry if there are times when I seem to run out of words to say or advices to give. I promise you that although I am quiet, I am listening to every word you say and I can hear every crack in your voice whenever you tell me how painful it is to continue living this life. It pains me too, you know. To watch you fall apart before my eyes and to have no power to help you as much as I would like to.

You are so brave, and I am so proud of you for everything that you’ve done. I am proud of you for every single day that you continue to live through, I am proud of you for every meal you haven’t skipped, I am proud of you for every second that you’ve gone through without tearing up, I am proud of you for finding the strength to get up this morning and I am proud of you for every little thing that you are about to do tomorrow and the days to come. You may not see it yourself, but you possess an immense amount of strength, and I admire that about you. The strength that you use to get yourself out of bed or to fake a smile is the same strength that can move mountains and help you get through whatever it is that you’re suffering right now. I’ve never doubted you for a second and I never will, my friend. I have so much faith in you and I trust that you will be okay. 

I cannot promise you that I will fix your broken pieces and put you back together nor can I promise you that I can make your problems disappear.

But I will be by your side through every breakdown, through every happy moment, through every tear, through every moment of laughter, and I will cheer you on whilst I watch you slowly heal and find yourself. After everything, I will stand by you with a look of pride and tell you “I told you so”, and you’re finally going to see what I have seen in you for the longest time. You will finally realize how you are one of the things that continue to make this world as beautiful as it is, how you shine brighter than any star anyone has ever seen, how you are like the most beautiful flower that anybody would want to receive for Valentine’s day and how no sunset or sunrise can ever compare to how beautiful you are. But for now when you still cannot see these things about yourself, I am here to remind you about them everyday. This, I promise you.

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For When You're Lonely and Forget Who You Are