An Open Letter to the Man I'm Going to Fall in Love With

9:21 PM

Photo: © Rowell Co

To the love of my life, my favourite stranger, my future:

I hope you know that I think about you as often as you think about me. I, too, wonder when our stars will collide and when the raging storm inside my head will finally come to a stop, only to be made into something beautiful and tranquil by someone whose soul has been made for mine. 

I cannot wait to see how beautiful you are. I cannot wait for us to turn our cluttered and confused thoughts into something lovely, swirling together in shades of purple and blue, much like a galaxy. I cannot wait to memorize every inch of your mind and paint your darkest thoughts with the colors of the sunrise. 

I am sorry to keep you waiting, my love, but I promise you, soon enough our stars will connect and form the most beautiful of constellations, but until then, I want you to know that the color of your eyes are the most beautiful I will ever see and the sound of your heartbeat will always be my favorite song. I do not have to see nor hear you to know it, for you are my sun and I am the Earth.

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